Christmas Poems for Cards : Funny Short Free

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On This Merry Christmas 2013 provides you the latest and new collection of Christmas Poems for Cards : Funny Short Free in English. Share these Christmas Poems for Cards : Funny Short Free in English with your online friends.

Christmas Poems for Cards : Funny Short Free

  • May this Christmas
    be so special for you
    that you never ever
    feel lonely again
    and be surrounded
    by loved ones throughout!
  • Christmas is not about
    giving and receiving gifts.
    It’s about the birth of Baby
    Jesus in the manger! Jesus is
    the reason for the season…
  • Can I take your picture;
    So Santa Claus knows
    exactly what to give me
    on this CHRISTMAS.
  • Christmas may be cancelled
    The reindeer are on strike
    Santa’s stuck in Lapland
    Forget your brand new bike
  • I only want one Christmas gift
    It’s the only Christmas wish I’ve wished
    I just want to know all the names
    Of the girls on the naughty list
  • I can feel it around me
    Its in the air
    Snow is now falling
    Twinkling lights everywhere
  • A Naughty Little Poem
    She whispered ‘will it hurt me? ‘
    ‘Of course not’ answered he
    ‘It’s a very simple process,
    You can rely on me.’
  • There once was an elf named Fred
    Whose house was of gingerbread.
    Though tasty, these walls
    dissolved in snowfalls
    And also made crumbs in Fred’s bed.
  • There was an old fellow named Claus
    With a case of the mid-winter blahs.
    Taught his reindeer to fly
    So they took to the sky.
  • I made myself a snowball,
    As perfect as could be,
    I thought I’d keep it as a pet,
    And let it sleep with me.
    I made it some pajamas,
    And a pillow for its head,
    Then last night it ran away,
    But first – it wet the bed!
  • It is the month of Cakes & Candles,
    Snow & Songs,
    Carols and Joys,
    Laughter & Love,
    Its DECEMBER..
    Wishing you a Blessed Month of Christmas!
  • Dear Santa,
    I didn’t want to make it
    too hard for you this year,
    so, the only thing on my list
    this year is 1 year paid
    leave from work with bonus.

Christmas Poems for Cards : Funny Short Free

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